Honda Activa CNG: How it’s done [Video]

Number of vehicles on the road are increasing day by day. This is also a major reason for pollution specially in metro cities. In cities like Delhi and Nearby regions, smog is very visible during winters. One of the alternate option in order to reduce pollution from the vehicle is to utilise public transport but, in current pandemic situation that is actually a risky thing to do. Many people have started using personal vehicles to reduce the risk. Another option is to go for CNG equipped vehicles. This natural gas is not environmental friendly but also cheaper than petrol and diesel. There are several manufacturers who have CNG versions of the car in the market but this option is not available with two wheelers. Here we have a video that shows how a CNG kit can be installed in a Honda Activa and it also shows the working of it.

The video has been uploaded by Techno Khanon his youtube channel. This video has been posted in two parts. In the first part, he is unboxing the CNG kit that is going to be installed on the Honda Activa and the second video shows the installation and working part. The package comes with components like cylinder bracket, CNG mixer, wires, CNG and petrol solenoid, High pressure pipe to carry the gas and a high pressure regulator. Once the components inside the box are out, the vlogger moves ahead with the installation part.

In order to install this kit, he has gone for a Honda Activa. All the panels of the scooter were removed to install the kit. Once the panels were removed, the brackets and clamps for holding the cylinder were fastened at the front. Two cylinders with 5 litre water capacity are installed in the scooter.

After installing the cylinder, he moves towards the carburetor and installs the gas mixer by making some alterations and then the petrol and CNG solenoids are installed on the frame. Then the CNG kit is installed by removing the ladies footrest. Once that is done, the cable and the high pressure pipes are connected and a regulator is installed between the cylinders with a cut off valve. Once everything is done, the vlogger takes it to a nearby gas station and fills the cylinder with CNG.

He then shows the working mechanism of this CNG equipped scooter. The scooter starts using petrol and once started, the vlogger moves the toggle switch to the middle that indicates the scooter is currently not using petrol or CNG. This is done in order to avoid the mixing of gas and petrol. once the petrol in the system is about to finish, the vlogger moves the toggle switch to the CNG part and the scooter starts using the gas. This work done on this scooter looks quite neat and this can actually be a possibility in the near future. The only worrying factor about this whole set up is that the gas cylinders are installed at the front.